Rawbite til det Danske Forsvar

The Danish Defence Forces’ individual field rations

Rawbite is the sole food bar in the Danish Defence Forces’ individual field rations.

Rawbites have been tested in extreme conditions. The Sirius Patrol tested Rawbite in the extreme cold of Greenland and the Danish Military brought Rawbite to the harsh desert conditions of the Middle East.

Because of the natural content of sugar (no added sugar), Rawbite maintains its texture no matter the temperature.

Rawbite årets fødevare 2011

Health Food of the Year

In 2011, Rawbite was awarded Health Food of the Year by the Danish Health Food Store Industry.

Rawbite i ELLE Magazine

Prestigious Company

In ELLE Magazine’s no. 1 issue of 2012 less famous brands such as Apple, Louis Vuitton, Moët & Chandon and Lancôme caught a lucky break and were placed next to the Rawbite Cashew bar. Now, they have become famous too.

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Rawbite in Vogue UK


UK Vogue - January 2014

Rawbite in Vogue Japan


Vogue Japan - January 2014

Rawbite i Scan Magazine

Scan magazine

In the June 2013 issue of the air plane magazine Scan Magazine, travelers from Northern Europe and Great Britain could read the story of Rawbite.

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Rawbite i Field's Fashion Katalog

Field’s Fashion Catalogue ’Appetite for Fashion’

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Bjergbestigeren Kenneth Lagstrøm om Rawbite

RAWBITE reaches the top

After reaching the top of Mera Peak, Nepal (6,476 metres), mountain climber and adventurer Kenneth Lagstrøm says the following about using Rawbite:

”I can only say positive things about Rawbite. The taste is good and there is a wide selection which is very important to me. When I’m in the mountains, I try to eat a Rawbite every 2/3 hours in order to maintain a steady energy level – and I thereby get the most out of Rawbite. Furthermore, I only want to use products that I can vouch for, like Rawbite.”

Badminton-spilleren Hans-Kristian Vittinghus om Rawbite

Hans-Kristian Vittinghus - Badminton

"I often use Rawbite as a recovery meal after practice. I do not always feel like eating anything right after practice, but Rawbite’s great taste makes it a whole lot easier.

In addition to that, I often use Rawbite when travelling. The quality of airplane meals is often low, so when I’m travelling I really like the fact that I can get a bar that is not just healthy but also tastes great.

If you take interest in what you eat and want it to be as pure as possible while tasting good, I would definitely recommend that you try Rawbite."

Trialeten Michael Strøm om Rawbite

Michael Strøm - Triathlete

"I use Rawbite in my daily practice routine and when I’m competing because the taste is good and the quality of the ingredients is paramount.

Furthermore, it is important to me that I can vouch for the products I use, and I have no problem vouching for the ambition and products of Rawbite."

Endurance atleten Michael Jensen om Rawbite

Michael Jensen - Endurance athlete

"Rawbites are really good at keeping my blood sugars steady and I feel that my body uses and transforms the energy very effectively.

Another good thing about the Rawbite bar is that you can e.g. bring it along for bike rides in 30 degrees heat and it won’t melt.

It is a natural bar containing healthy energy sources and no hocus-pocus. And, in addition to that, I just really think it tastes great."

"Get More with Raw!”

Badminton-spilleren Line Kruse om Rawbite

Line Kruse - Badminton Double

"I enjoy including Rawbite in my recovery meal after my daily practice.

I especially use Rawbite when playing tournaments because then I know that it is possible for me to load up on energy at any time.

The use of only natural and healthy ingredients means a lot to me and I know that I can rest assured that Rawbite only uses these kinds of ingredients."

Mountainbiker Anne-Mette Mortensen om Rawbite

Anne-Mette Mortensen Mountainbike/Adventure race

"I always use Rawbite as a snack between meals, in my practice and daily routine.

The great strength of Rawbite is the fact that Rawbite only contains natural ingredients and that all the different variations taste great.

I think that both athletes and people who just fancy a snack can benefit from using Rawbite.

Furthermore, the size is brilliant. A Rawbite fits perfect in the pocket – I know because I keep one in my pocket every day."

Badminton-spilleren Julie Houmann om Rawbite

Julie Houmann - Badminton

"I’m very aware of what I eat in my practice and in my everyday life and I think that Rawbite is a fantastic product.

I use Rawbite in my practice eating half a bar before practice, loading up on energy, and half a bar after practice as a recovery meal.

It is important to me that the Rawbites are organic and natural - meaning no additives. Furthermore, they simply taste great."

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